Today’s improvisation. It was a little sloppy—I didn’t do a very good job of recovering from my errors.

It’s very strange. Every time I do a large improvisational piece, I take a break for the number of movements in the piece minus one, as if I had been improvising one movement of the piece per day. This is completely inadvertent.

2 thoughts on “Valzer

  1. Nice. I liked the song and the soft ending starting at about 5:18. I feel it sounds like I am listening to Chopin’s piece.
    Personally, I think improvisation is to improve composing skill other than training us to be a good pianist. By this, I don’t feel bad with my pretty sloopy stuff. Oh, and my daily improvisations did not match yours, I hided them :-)

  2. Hmm, well that may be one goal. My main goal is neither to become better at the piano technically nor to improve composing (though I believe it will have both those effects). Instead, I’m doing this because I want to become an excellent improvisationalist.

    You should record your improvisations and post them. I’d like to hear them. Also, at least for me, something is different about my improvisations when I record them. They are more focused and more ingenious than when I freely improvise.

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