Monthly Archives: August 2006

A Few Moments

A subset of The Moment, that is to say Nolan, Josh, and I, got together tonight and played some music. I was trying to record it multi-track style for clean mixing, but Reason and Cakewalk Sonar do not play nicely together (Sonar claims the whole audio driver, so Reason cannot output while Sonar is recording). So we just used the room mic. Here are the recordings:

Part of the cause for the travesty of #5 might have been that my computer was running out of battery, so it clicked and skipped a lot. Thanks to SoundForge’s repair tools, you can’t hear too many of the clicks anymore1. However, that may have had repercussions that screwed with the timing of the song. I remember that our timing was pretty bad during the actual jam, but I don’t remember it being this bad.

1 I have had nothing but good experiences with Sony SoundForge. I highly recommend it. If only it could do multitrack recording…