Jam with Junck

The Moment has been on an involuntary hiatus for quite a while now. Well, a couple weeks ago I felt the need to play some good music, so I looked around on craigslist for bands looking for keyboardists. I found one, named Junck, and on July 24th I played with them. Well, I finally got the recordings for that day.

I liked how it turned out. There wasn’t instant chemistry between us, but we are all good musicians and we communicate well, so a little work could make us a pretty solid group. The mixing wasn’t great; I was too loud in the first one, too quiet in the others (#5 had the best balance). But the sound was clear and spacious when it needed to be, something I haven’t experienced in an uptempo setting before.

#5, #1, and #4 were improvisation. Needless to say, they were also my favorites, in that order. I think I know why this time at least. For the songs they had written together, I couldn’t really find a place for myself. The sound was full enough as it was. Also, I was incapable of finding the changes in the solo section of #2, so there’s just a big open groove space.

My biggest complaint is that we only played for two hours!


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