Today’s improvisation is some rather unremarkable padding around a long, surreal cadenza in the middle.


3 thoughts on “Cadenza

  1. I was just at the Soylent Software site, and I tried to leave a message on the Guestbook, but there was no way to edit the page. And when I tried to report a bug, it said I don’t have the right privileges to leave a message. You guys have to set the privileges for the “anonymous” user. See:

    :) I hope you get that fixed. Anyway, what I was going to say on the Guestbook is that I was really glad to see that someone is making a Cellular Automata strategy game. And from the screen shot, it looks like you’re using the Star Wars rule set! That’s just what I was thinking of using!

    Well, good luck on finishing that game.

  2. Hey axcho, thanks for the props. We are aware that the wiki no longer allows submissions from anonymous users. We had to disable this because we were victimized by a massive spam attack on the wiki. We will be putting in a forum soon, in place of the guestbook, but the website has been very low priority lately as we have been working very hard on getting Ichor ready for the Independent Game Festival.

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