Ali Crockett of the CU Cognitive Science club invited me to see her perform at a cafe. Two musicians opened for her, and they were pretty good (guitar and singing), and then she played (guitar, piano, singing). She was good.

Anyway, the casual nature of the environment (five-or-so mess-ups were made throughout the night, and were taken lightly) got me to thinking that I could do something like that. Maybe I’ll ask Ali if I could open for her. Since my experiments of the past year or so have been in improvisation, I would like to do an improvisational act: basically get up in front of people having no idea what I’m going to play and then play it. As an exercise for this eventual day, my improvisation today had no warm-up whatsoever: I started playing and recorded what came out. I refused to stop.

I sort of like how it came out. It’s not one of my best, but it’s a proof-of-concept that the idea is feasible.


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