Monthly Archives: November 2006

Looking Forward

This post is a personal entry—more like a journal entry than a blogging. I don’t have a personal journal, but I keep backups of this blog so I figure it would be a good place to put it. Of course anyone is welcome to read it, but my regular readers (it seems I do have a few, which pleases me) might not find it that interesting or relevant.

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The Persuit of a Practical, Proficient Percussionist

Ryan, our old drummer, has been excommunicated from The Moment for being a drumstick-throwing drunk. Over the weekend, two drummers auditioned for (read: jammed with) us. Leor on Saturday, Mark on Sunday. On Sunday we had the full seven-piece band there, so that was pretty cool. On Saturday we were only missing Miguel the violist. Here are the recordings:

If you want to hear me playing keyboard like a badass, listen to the very last one (oh, the other musicians were playing like badasses on that jam too). I did pretty well on the others, too. I wrote 12_05, 12_06, and 13_03, and they went well (mostly 13_03) (12_06 was unfortunate, because Connor and I both soloed at the same time, and neither of us noticed that this was happening, so we each did a full 24 bars!). It was a good weekend.


The other day, Jude asked me whether my daily improvisations were helping me improve as a pianist (rather than just an improvisationalist). My reply was that I couldn’t tell. And then it occurred to me that I’m not really playing anything challenging anymore. Yeah, I play Pathetique once in a while, Jeux Deau now and again, but I’ve known both of those for a year already. I’m not learning anything new and challenging.

This etude, unlike my other etudes, was written for myself. It is not improvisational in the least. It took about an hour and a half to write and learn to the skill level you hear here. If I wish to treat it as a real etude, I should learn it to perfection, which should take several more hours. I’m not sure if I will. Anyway, enjoy.

Oh, and here’s the sheet music.