The Persuit of a Practical, Proficient Percussionist

Ryan, our old drummer, has been excommunicated from The Moment for being a drumstick-throwing drunk. Over the weekend, two drummers auditioned for (read: jammed with) us. Leor on Saturday, Mark on Sunday. On Sunday we had the full seven-piece band there, so that was pretty cool. On Saturday we were only missing Miguel the violist. Here are the recordings:

If you want to hear me playing keyboard like a badass, listen to the very last one (oh, the other musicians were playing like badasses on that jam too). I did pretty well on the others, too. I wrote 12_05, 12_06, and 13_03, and they went well (mostly 13_03) (12_06 was unfortunate, because Connor and I both soloed at the same time, and neither of us noticed that this was happening, so we each did a full 24 bars!). It was a good weekend.


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