Improv Band

I just posted the following to craigslist Denver:

I’m a keyboardist who has been playing for 12 years. I’m interested in starting an improv band, but somewhat different from a “jam band”. I want to see how improv goes when there is always one person not playing his instrument, but instead “conducting” the whole process (but that person changes from jam to jam). I think this could allow for dynamics and solidity that isn’t often heard in “jam music”, and could be quite a unique sound.

I am open to many styles. The most important thing is that you have to be _capable_ of dynamic playing (eg. being able to bring it waaay down low now and then), and you have to be a good listener. All instrumentalists are welcome: I have no preference for the instrumentation (every instrument brings its own unique contribution, and improv has a way of accommodating that nicely).

We’ll see how it goes.


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