Preprocessor Lists

At work, I found myself needing to do a repetitive operation at compile time on a set of symbols. We all know what to do in that situation:

    #define OPERATION(x) ... some big long thing in terms of x ...

I’m doing two such operations in different places on the same set of symbols. And I’m about to add a third. My refactor alarm goes off: I need to abstract this.

How do you iterate over a list of symbols at compile time? Let’s take a technique from lambda calculus: the we define the list as a function which iterates over itself:

    #define SYMLIST(f) \
        f(symbol1) \
        f(symbol2) \

Then to do three different operations on these symbols, I can simply define the operations and use the list like so:

    #define OPERATION1(x) ... something involving x ...
    #define OPERATION2(x) ... something else involving x ...
    #define OPERATION3(x) ... you get the picture ...

Abstraction: Satisfied.

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