Gig with Nolan

Last Friday, I had my first real gig. I performed with Nolan and a few others in front of 40-odd people. We played eight Nolan originals:

  1. Now Ain’t the Time
  2. Greyhound Bound
  3. Lead by Example
  4. The Me Song
  5. Movin’ On
  6. 2012
  7. The Guy Who Learned to Fly
  8. Hippie Chick (Encore)

The roster:

  • Nolan – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
  • Fred – Drums
  • Devon – Electric Guitar
  • Luke – Keyboards
  • Miguel – Viola

It was fun. It’s interesting what happened to my ears. Essentially, when the show was over, I hadn’t the slighetst clue whether we had played well or poorly; I was so focused on playing that my ability to assess the music was completely missing.

We had originally planned a seven-song set, but when we finished playing the seventh song, everybody kept sitting there, as if to say “that’s all?”. So we did an impromptu encore, a song that I’ve only played once before (not a very compilcated one). I was kind of disappointed that we didn’t do some total improv, something I’ve always wanted to do in front of an audience. It’s probably for the best, though, because Nolan, Miguel, and I aren’t comfortable with Fred and Devon in an improvisational setting.


1 thought on “Gig with Nolan

  1. Hey Luke, sounds like you guys did great! That’s so cool you got to perform on stage. Does your band have a name? And ps, you gotta let me know next time you play. I come cheer.

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