Falling apart

My improv band seems to be falling apart, mostly driven by my inability to find a drummer to substitute for Phil. I get the feeling that Evan and Charlie want to keep it going, but it’s been idle for too long and we’re all aching to play music. Charlie is okay with having a drumless band, but I’m not (I’m not averse to practicing without a drummer, but I want a drummer for the long term vision).

I wonder what the best plan of action is. Should I get the three of us together just to tighten our group and keep it going? Maybe I should invite Evan and a drummer for a jam session, and try to form a core out of those three. Then I could add Charlie soon, when we found that the three of us are not enough to hold it together. That way the drummer does not feel like he’s coming into an existing project, and hopefully he can become a reliable core member. Then we have two cores, Evan+Luke+Charlie and Evan+Luke+drummer, and we could merge to form a tight group.

I’d also like to experiment playing with some completely other groups of improv musicians. I recognize that what we’ve done has been unique and pretty cool, but I’d like to explore the space a bit more. I don’t think Evan and Charlie are a perfect match for me (but imperfection may be a virtue, keeping new and conflicting ideas flowing, so we stay versatile).

It looks like my current plan is to start over on craigslist, calling all musicians, and then keep Evan and Charlie in the book for that.


One thought on “Falling apart

  1. Maybe you and Evan and Charlie, while you’re in the market for a drummer, could “drum up” practice/experimental techniques or sounds, thereby expanding your versatility.

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