I woke up this morning with a great rockin’ keyboard solo going through my head. I was just hearing it in my head, then I heard a motif which I realized I wouldn’t be able to play (specifically because my 4th and 5th finger trills aren’t fast yet). I jumped out of bed and sat at the piano for ten minutes, just practicing that riff, until I could do it to my satisfaction.

This gives me an idea: I’m going to write a suite, similar to the Hanon virtuoso pianist exercises, called the “keyboard funkercises”. Basically it will be a bunch of riffs for the left hand, and a bunch of riffs for the right hand, and you are to play them straight through, mixing each left hand with each right hand. This should serve to achieve independence of the two hands, and to build strength in both hands so they can each do a line while the other comps (in any rhythm). They are essentially a way for me to improve, but I’ll publish them for fun.

And they’d probably be way groovier to listen to than someone practicing Hanon, which can be a painful experience.


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