What’s up with Google?

For the past week, every now and then, Google stops working. google.com, reader.google.com, blah.google.com for all values of blah give me a “the connection was reset” error. gmail.com is fine, but mail.google.com is broken. It happens for the whole local network here.

And yet, if I ssh into my server on the CU campus, everything works as expected. Does my router have some weird sporadic firewall? Is comcast dropping the ball? Intentionally? I have no idea what’s going on.


1 thought on “What’s up with Google?

  1. I’m getting the same problem in Lakewood on Comcast. I don’t think its my problem. It has happened a few nights. Last night it was fixed away around midnight. I suspect Comcast of experimenting with some sort of extra network connection limit.

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