Live at the South Boulder Block Party

Here are the live recordings from the South Boulder Block Party on August 11th.

There was a guest guitarist for 7,8, and 9. I don’t remember his name (I’ll find out soon and update). 3 and 4 are solid, parts of 2 are good, 8 is fun, and 9 is great. Enjoy.


4 thoughts on “Live at the South Boulder Block Party

  1. On SNW Dick’s Picks Exploring The Space-Funk Continuum Vol 9, “Live At the Hartford Drive Music Festival”, trac #4 is called “Little Sir Funk-A-Lot”. Trac 3 didn’t make the cut… Trac 2 is called “Baby Dima At The Leningrad Museum” after a mammoth that was excavated in Siberia in the mid-20th century, Trac 5 is called “Liquefaction”, Trac 6 is called “Ninety Per In A Seventy Zone” (furious swing) and Trac 7 is called “Ogopogo’s Revenge” (in honor of a native American bigfoot myth). Whether or not these are the titles that history will recall when documenting the early days of the most important improv ensemble of the early millennium is anybody’s guess.

  2. Oh wow, you’re breaking up the tracs again… what a hassle… that means my trac numbers don’t match yours. Oh well, two different worlds I guess. (yes, I’m human… I’m not a trained ape, after all).

  3. Sounds like your 2, 3 and 4 (Smoke, pt 1 and 2) is my “Baby Dima At The Leningrad Museum”. Trac 5 is the one that didn’t make the cut, then trac 6 is “Little Sir Funk-A-Lot”, trac 7 is “Liquefaction”, trac 8 is “Ninety Per In A Seventy Zone” and trac 9 is “Ogopogo’s Revenge”. Just for the record. Or the CD as the case may be….

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