I’m Back

A few months ago I thought I had lost my laptop’s audio interface, and there was a gig in 4 days. So I hastily ordered a new one and had it fedexed. It arrived the day of the gig (whew). About a day later, I found my old one hiding (essentially in plain sight).

I have not sold either. So I am out $350 or so. But the side effect is that I can keep my old one set up in my room by the piano, so I can just plop my laptop on top of the piano, plug in the card, and start recording. Therefore, I’ll be resuming my daily improvs. Excellent.

I notice that whenever I try a jazzy improv, it comes out clumsy, loud, soulless. So I’ll be doing two improvs per day: one in a jazz style and one in a classical style, in order to improve my jazz skillz.

Without further ado, here are the two for today.


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