Here’s a sketch of a short screenplay I’d like to write.

Depict a stereotypical “successful businessman” finishing a day’s work (closing a deal or something), driving home in his nice car, sitting in front of his top-notch TV set and beginning to play a video game. Repeat a few times, with some, but not too much, variety. Playing somewhat, again not too much so, digital-sounding music.

Pan out to find that this depiction is in fact on a top-notch home theater, a video game being played by an identical stereotype, but a different actor. He expresses boredom or frustration somehow, that he wants his character in the game to do something different. Frustrated, he turns off the console and walks outside.

Depict him climbing trees, hopping across a river on stones, other fun things in organic environments. Playing fluid, organic music. Close with him jumping on a goomba.
image of goomba


2 thoughts on “Screenplay

  1. Because this latest guy, in the organic environment, is the character in yet another video game being played by yet another businessman….
    Does all this show how programmed we are and numbed out by the lives we’re leading?

  2. Very nice. To show the transition from immersed to external (just before or sync with pan-out) fade in gui hud elements, these are then used to show the player’s frustration. Click, show sims-style menu, click, no effect. Cue annoying UI anim, eg red and shaking box.

    Closing titles play out in HD screens panning out to reveal they’re inside others ad infinitum.

    Love the goomba.

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