Non-improv band

In the style of the SNW call for musicians which created the last year of great music, I just posted the following to craigslist Denver.

I’m trying to create a project, in whatever genre that emerges from it, which is inspired by the ideas of classical music. That is, a project where members write complex songs with beautiful harmonic interplays and variety, not songs based on repetition of the same idea for five minutes and then end.

I come from a background of improv jazz/funk and classical piano music. Basically I want to see what music with a jazz/funk instrumentation sounds like if it’s be finely arranged and rehearsed, in a way that would be impossible to improvise. Hmm, it might end up sounding kind of prog-rocky. I’m open to whatever happens with it, though.

So, I’m looking for any talented instrumentalists regardless of their instrument (in order to put together a balanced ensemble for the first session). You get extra points for each of these things: * reading music, * being a composer, * open-mindedness.

Don’t worry, SNW is not dying1. At the risk of musicing myself out, this is an additional band.

1 However, it will undergo a personnel change in the near future. Eric is moving to Argentina :-(. Farewell Eric, it will be damn near impossible to replace you.


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