SNW Backlogging

SNW is dead :-(. But I still have some recordings lying around that I’m gradually editing. Here’s the first batch, from March 20:

  • 01
  • 02 – a minimalist (in the classical sense) exercise
  • 03
  • 04 – fun and funky
  • 05 – a long piece with many sections, pretty upbeat

#01 and #03 are included for completeness; they suck :-p. The rest are pretty good.


4 thoughts on “SNW Backlogging

  1. Well, I was going to move away for a job opportunity. But it’s unclear whether that’s actually going to happen (I haven’t heard from them for some time, and they haven’t made a formal offer yet), so SNW may still have a few breaths in her. My life is violently fluctuating around right now, so I won’t much know the future of anything for a little while.

  2. Luke, what am I supposed to think when I read this? You hurt my feelings, man. I object to any version of SNW that doesn’t include me.

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