Symphonic Poem no. 2

Here is the second in my series of symphonic poems. Still not happy with the ending, not because it’s not a good ending, but because it comes too soon. I want this piece to be about three minutes longer. I love it though, it is possibly my best work, so its length will probably push me over the edge on the 275th listen, and I will be forced to go back and add content.

When I finally arrange these poems into a “movement” structure, this will probably be the last one because of its high energy and strong, major key ending. I plan to write one more, which will be the first in the structure.

I began this piece about three weeks ago, and all in all it accounted for something like 35 hours of work. That is a rough estimate, I don’t keep track.



4 thoughts on “Symphonic Poem no. 2

  1. Beautiful! I would agree this is one of your best. I am captivated by the various moods and feeling it brings up.

  2. Very impressive indeed. If I wanted to be picky, I’d say that the brass intro is not as good as the rest. It might be due to the samples that don’t catch the expressiveness of a real brass ensemble. The second episode makes up for it, though, and more… Would you be considering the idea of sharing the scores in the future like you did with your to-be-completed piano concerto?
    I’ll hide my extreme envy and renew my compliments…

  3. WildHeart: thank you very much! I agree that the intro isn’t as strong as the rest, and I think it would sound better if it were played live, but it is still not satisfactory.

    I have retroactively added score links to this post and the last one. They’re pretty rough, in need of a lot of editing if they were to be used by an orchestra, but I’ll put that work in when I get an orchestra :-p. In particular, it especially bugs me that “Violin 1” only means “Violin 1 as opposed to the rest of them”; it’s not like first violin isn’t playing when the “Violins” staff is. There are a few other annoyances like that. But that’s just me being a perfectionist, the score is definitely sufficient for telling what’s going on (but don’t print it, because you’ll need a magnifying glass!)

  4. Wow! Thank you so much! Now I know how I am going to spend several weekends to come… べんきょうべんきょう。。。 ^__^

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