New Job

So I am now officially working for Anygma. It’s a very… interesting situation.

So far, the team has been great to work with. It’s always nice communicating with smart people who “get” software and don’t have any strange overarhicitectural fantasies. Well, I guess we have yet to find that out, but so far so good.

The project is really interesting, too! I wish I could talk more about it.

Typically I’m starting work around 1AM (which is 9AM in Belgium). Today was the first day I got a “decent work day” in, going until 8ish. The environment is nice; sitting here in my comfy chair or couch with a blanket and a kitty on my lap, discussing linguistic (as opposed to formal) aspects of programming languages!

I’m using FogBugz to track my time and tasks. It’s working well, nice and lightweight.

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