The Luke Palmer, a new drink from Belgium

Natascha Heddendorp designed a special drink last Friday and named it after me! It will soon be on the menu of the bar at which we were drinking (so I’m told). The recipe, recalled as best as I can from memory, the Luke Palmer:

  • Fresh Coffee
  • Bailey’s Irish Cream
  • Vodka
  • Amaretto
  • Milk
  • Served cold but without ice (which is a challenge considering the coffee)

I don’t know the proportions. Less than 1/2 coffee, but not too little. It has a strong kick at the beginning, and then calms down and has a smooth aftertaste and aftertexture.

After having two glasses of this, thus piss-ass drunk, I went home and slept. The following day, I got up and got lost in downtown Antwerp, and I missed my flight back home. Therefore I conclude it is bad luck to drink a drink named after yourself.

I’m okay; I’m coming home on Monday.


1 thought on “The Luke Palmer, a new drink from Belgium

  1. bad luck? Sounds like good luck. One extra day in Belgium. Looking forward to hear your adventures.

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