My computer hates me!

I have to rant about this.

A few weeks ago I got a brand new Acer Aspire 6920. It was way shiny. I installed Ubuntu (my first try with Ubuntu; I was a gentoo guy previously) and Vista and spent two days getting everythng just right. I was especially happy getting XMonad working with GNOME, which took a bit of work.

But two weeks ago the video card (GeForce 9500M, fwiw) in my brand new laptop died. I was doing some incredibly intensive graphical computing involving a text terminal and vim, and click — the screen just goes blank. I blindly type “cd; mplayer music/2007-04-21_06.mp3” and music starts playing. So everything was working, I just couldn’t see.

I sent the computer in to get repaired. It arrived at Acer on Wednesday, they didn’t ship it back to me until Monday (I can’t seem to type Monday anymore; it always comes out Monad), and it arrived on Tuesday. I could have been more impressed by their timeliness. I started the computer to find Windows Vista Home Premium with loads of bloatware start up. Uh… okay, so they take four days to repair the computer, then they wipe the hard drive, nevermind about all my stuff or anything. Fortunately I’m a backupoholic.

It was way shiny. I installed Ubuntu and spent a few hours setting everything up a little bit less just right. It turns out getting XMonad working with GNOME was easier than I made it out to be the first time.

We’re having a jam session tomorrow, so I thought I would install Vista so I could record with Cakewalk. Vista has that nice partition manager so I don’t have to do any incantations like installing Vista first *then* Ubuntu or whatever other bullshit we linux users used to have to go through. I put in the Vista disk, get to the partition manager, click on the unallocated space and click *New*. The shown partition table immediately changes to one big full-drive partition. No, that’s not what I wanted. I push cancel and it brings me back to the welcome screen. Okay, that’s kind of annoying, so I go through the motions again and finally make it back to the partition manager. Imagine my dismay as I see the single full-drive partition table again!

And sure enough, when I reboot, grub cannot find my boot partition anymore so I can’t boot linux.

Okay. Vista, listen carefully: Fuck you. I push *New* and with no confirmation you wipe the MBR?! Isn’t linux the one with a reputation for programs which silently do cataclysmic things? And yet, all the partition managers in linux are very careful that you don’t mess anything up, and the one in windows—the OS with the reputation for far too many annoying confirmation dialogs—takes the same care of your MBR as does a retard with a chainsaw.

Sigh! (emphatically)

Anyway, with the help the Ubuntu live distro, a nice program called TestDisk, and about two hours, I was able to restore the lost table, no progress being made toward the ability to record tomorrow. Maybe I’ll just *gasp* not record. Isn’t that the recipe for a great session anyway?

So, Sir Computer, what do you have in store for me next week?

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