Arizona Green Tea

I don’t know what it is. Coke doesn’t do it, Coffee doesn’t do it, regular hot green or black tea doesn’t do it. Arizona green tea inspires me to code like no other substance. If I am vegging in front of the TV and go to the fridge to grab one, hardly 5 minutes after drinking some of it I get bored by the TV, fire up my text editor, and hack for at least a few hours with intense focus.

What is the magic ingredient? I conjecture that it is memory; i.e. it used to be my fuel when I was a mad high school code monkey, so it brings back that state of mind. Or maybe they inject it with speed and ridalin.

5 thoughts on “Arizona Green Tea

  1. I guarantee it does not hold a candle to [](Yerba Mate w/ Stevia). Less jittery energy and no sugar (Stevia is an all natural sugar replacement).

  2. That was my first hit, too, that it was a past association with the time you were an Arizona Iced Tea junky and programmed round the clock.

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