Downtime over, hopefully

It has been almost a month since I’ve had something to post about. So here is something to fill the awkward silence.

Me and Anna
Me and Anna

Most of my life has been filled by my new love, Anna. This may explain why my productivity has gone down, but not why it has stopped completely. A recent study may provide justification for the latter.

I’m running out of money, so I’ve been looking for a job. The state of my resume is mixed, so that I look unqualified to first-order employers (looking for specific trendy technologies, most of which I don’t have that much experience with) and qualified to the ones who realize that they’re looking for good programmers, not good encyclopedias. Unfortunately, the latter such employers tend to be sharp people, and put the pieces together to find that I’m more of a researcher than a developer. So… I’m having trouble.

I have been working on a computer game with my friend Max, codename Silver Seed. It is beautiful and innovative, so much so that I’m having trouble seeing where the gameplay is. It’s a gardening game, of sorts. I’m afraid I can’t say much about the game mechanics, because Max is afraid of people stealing our ideas. It will be a mind-blowing game once we know what it is. It is incredibly fun to work on, and it has been the sink of most of my creative energy recently.

Silver Seed screenshot

Of course, this means that Dana has been rather off my mind. The more I think about it, the less I know what Dana is, and what the next step should be. I’m continuing to work on the system, which I hope will be hackage-worthy soon. But once I’m happy with that… what do I do? Is IΞ executable, or is it just a calculus for reasoning –an abstract semantics? If the latter, what is executed? And who executes it?

I guess my first goal still remains, but it’s form keeps changing: I want a command line utility where you can program functions, run them, and see the results. Because I no longer have a code calculus which can be typechecked (rather, you need to manually prove that your programs are well-typed (don’t be afraid, this is a great benefit!)), I think I will start by accepting only simply-typed programs at said command line.

I want to get crackin’ on this, damnit! If only I didn’t need to eat…

5 thoughts on “Downtime over, hopefully

  1. You’re doing all right. I’m in a similar boat with job-searching and money worries (feel slightly embarassed admitting this).

    I wish you all success with Silver Seed. If it takes off and supplies you with a stable income for a year maybe 2, you can continue to grow Dana.

    Were I rich, I’d pay you to explain the more sublime aspects of Dana to me. So that my language can kick Dana’s ass.


  2. Thanks!

    I’ll happily describe whatever aspect of Dana you like, in hopes that you will swiftly kick its ass. You could not imagine my joy if “languages” of its variety were to start popping up! :-)

  3. Hi Luke,
    in so far as your blog conveys a sense of what your talents and interests are, I have the impression that you are a great fit for a research/academic career. A phd is pretty much the price of admission, and a high price that can be, but I reckon you have sufficient talent to get funding if you look around diligently.

    Ive worked circa 10 years in the commercial software development industry, and my experience has been that it’s typically a very pragmatic affair with lots of boring tasks mixed with a few interesting ones. It is generally well paid. I suspect you would find much commercial work very easy, but at the same time it would struggle to hold your interest.

    Employers with roles that fit people like yourself do exist, but they wont be on every street corner, I imagine you’ll need to look broadly and carefully.

    Apologies if I sound patronising.

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