Gravmari Released!

After fifteen weeks, Hubris Arts has completed its first game, Gravmari, directed by Max Rebuschatis.

The game is a journey through the depths of space in a strange and alien ship called the Playertoid. It was inspired by Katamari Damacy, Kubrick’s 2001, the efforts of NASA, and, most importantly, dreams of floating through the cosmos. We wanted to convey the feeling of infinity, both in zoom and scope, and wonder at the mysteries of the stellar wasteland.

Best played with the lights off, with headphones (or a nice sound system) and an Xbox 360 controller. Mouse and lights on also supported.


7 thoughts on “Gravmari Released!

  1. Great stuff! Can I ask what language(s)/tools you guys used to write this? Did you use Haskell/FRP/etc? (I’m currently very interested in use of functional languages in games.)


  2. Sam, I wish! Wanting to write games in functional style was my motivation for starting FRP research. Right now I don’t think the state of the art is ready for complex games, due to performance issues. But I am trying to incorporate some of the ideas into small scale dynamics here and there, using functional specification for fades and animations and the like, even though the game is largely still imperative. We used C# and XNA.

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