Announcing CodeCatalog

I’d like to share what I’ve been working on instead of homework for the past month: From the FAQ:

CodeCatalog is a lot like a wiki for source code. We aim to socially build a database of high-quality, well-documented, instantly-usable code in a variety of languages.

It is the fruit of my thoughts’ recent focus on reusability. I noticed that because of purity, Haskell was very close to being able to have a “database of all reusable code ever”, and I kept focusing on what language features were missing from languages that prevented that. After sharing the idea with Max (cofounder of Hubris Arts), we determined that the main missing feature was, er, a database of all reusable code ever. CodeCatalog is the first buddings of an attempt to create one.

Check out the FAQ for a glimpse of our philosophy. Haskell sophisticates might be able to see beyond my simple wording into the underlying vision — that was my intent at least. I’ll write a post soon describing our deeper plans in more detail. We’ll be working on this all summer, and if we meet our goals, by the end of the summer it should be pretty freaking cool. :-)

Oh, the code that we have on the site so far is mostly Python and Javascript, mostly because that’s what we wrote the site in and we were eating our own dogfood while developing it. But Haskell is also supported.

Anyway, fellow Haskell community, I encourage you to check out the site. We would appreciate any feedback you have about it. There’s a UserVoice tab on the right if you’re into that kind of thing. Thanks. :-)

And if you would like to support us financially, you can always Flattr this.


11 thoughts on “Announcing CodeCatalog

  1. I’m an instant fan of this idea. I hope you don’t mind if I poke around a bit, wiki boldness and all that.

  2. I just posted a snippet (simple_prime_checker), hope I didn’t screw anything up.

    You’re my hero. This is the best thing I’ve seen in quite some time.

  3. Currently I can’t find any copyright information on the site. I assume the intention is that, like Wikipedia, posting on it will automatically place your content under some kind of open licence, so everyone else can reuse it. But it doesn’t actually says so at the moment!

    You should put this in quickly, because if it takes off before you do so it will be hell to retrofit it, since you will need to obtain licencing permissions from all contributors..

  4. The information about licensing is in the FAQ. I agree that we should add a note to the bottom of the snippet pages as well. I will mention this to Luke.

  5. Actually I had forgotten it. Vilhelm, thanks for reminding me. There’s (now) a section in the FAQ about it, and also there is a “by pressing submit, you agree to release your contributions under the CC0 license” (a public domain licence with a “no warranty” clause).

    @Mathnerd314, (lol great name), no we don’t currently plan to release the source. We would like to keep our options open for getting compensated for our effort. But like github, we always plan to support the open source community for free.

    @solrize, yeah it’s kinda like that. We differ on two points. We encourage the use of dependencies — using other snippets to write your snippet: functionality as a *composition* of simple pieces, each of which is na composition of …. We also differ in that we are supporting “cognates”; i.e. the same code written in multiple languages. This has a few nice advantages.

    Everyone else, thanks for your feedback and support!

  6. I am missing browsing features: browse by language, keyword and author for instance.
    Language filters would be useful to generate language feeds, to keep up to date on for instance all haskell contributions.

  7. @Arthur, by language, you bet! By author is an interesting idea. By keyword… isn’t that what search is? Or do you mean something different? I do have tags planned.

    My timing was a bit unfortunate, since I am basically a slave to school for the next two weeks. But I guess it’s good because I get a nice hunk of feedback to implement the first chance I get :-) Thanks to everyone for the feedback again!

  8. So, the site is dead, and has been that way for a long time; AFAICT there’s no way you’re going to make money unless you sell it on Ebay or something.
    Can you release the source now?

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