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The great artist, the passionate learner, the hubristic engineer. In the world of accomplishment, each of us comes to terms with our own lack of greatness in

just a sec, got a text

our own lack of greatness in different ways. Some of us… um, where was I? Some of us see our lives as a struggle against our demons, causing us to procrastinate and take time on things that are not truly important. Others have convinced themselves of their comfort with their place in society, happy to be working on a fun project with fun people, quietly dying of not making a real difference.

Oh did you see that #occupywallst had bigger attendance today than ever before? I think it’s a pretty cool movement, even though they don’t really have a message. No, I mean maybe I’ll go someday soon, but I’m just interested to see how it develops.

So, yeah, as I was saying. One does not need to be a creative type to be a slave to our modern emptiness. The search for real love, life fulfillment, or a family to devote yourself to. There is always something standing between your life as it is and the life of your dreams. Even those great people we idolize are living in this disparity; the life they want being something other than the life of greatness we perceive. It is the only way we have motivation to grow.

However, I do not mean to dismiss it. There are traps. For years at a time we may find ourselves piddling away our time on something that is not important — a time we could be using for growing. It reminds me of a youtube video I saw. sec. It was something about a




sorry about that, g/f im’d me.

Right, youtube. What was I looking up? Ugh, that’s frustrating. Oh well.

What I’m saying is that we never reach the potential we set for ourselves, but we can still become great. There are ways to refocus our energy not on distracting ourselves from realizing our shortcomings, but on achieving pieces of the ever-changing life goals. Just because you can’t reach it doesn’t mean you can’t move nearer. But it does require us to step back for a moment and see, is this one of those piddling times? Are we truly, deeply satisfied with our progress along our path right now? Or are we hiding, in a world where

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2 thoughts on “Easy Read

  1. Reading this is like trying to listen to someone talking who is continually distracting themselves by texts or other things going on around them. It ruins my flow of thought, just as it did yours, and I can’t even remember what you were talking about, really. I’ll have to go back and read it to see…. — just a minute, looking at the full moon in the window.
    Oh yes. I often ponder the fate of the human being, in the systems called society that have been set up. We are social beings, yet it seems like what we create is a rat race, many beings running on hamster wheels just to survive. Occasionally one or two of the beings do something that stands out, or is labeled “successful,” and then the rest of us base our feelings of success on those few and try to copy them (maybe). But is it really possible for a society to function if everybody were able to live their dreams, those life dreams you talked about, that always seem to be thrwarted? I mean, who would build the roads, dig the ditches, shovel the pig poopoo?
    If there were actually time and space for each person to do what he/she dreams of doing, or feels would be his/her passion, what would this world look like?

  2. I’m glad the distractions worked for you.

    Fortunately we don’t all achieve our dreams because we are too busy being distracted. That leaves room for those who choose not to. I hope to be one who chooses not to someday :-)

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