Simple Truth

I have been working hard on my experimental posts recently, and with each post my standards raise alongside my anxiety. So I thought it would be prudent, as a way to unblock myself, to write in my simple style, speaking the simple truth.

I want to be clear with myself: this is my blog. I am not the pictures I paint of myself; my image only limits me. When I am not a Haskell hacker, it makes sense that I would not write about Haskell (99% of my traffic comes from the Haskell community, so perhaps the source of my anxiety is clear). I’m being a kid, naively experimenting with words, fancying myself some kind of artist, as I perceive my readership just wanting to learn more about their craft.

But that is the beautiful thing about this blog. It’s a big jumble of Luke, following along as he explores. As I told an anonymous commenter (who was probably my boss) right after I lost my job:

My blog isn’t an advertisement for my career. It’s here both for people who are interested in my technical ideas and for people who are following my journey to find a place in the world.

So I have to remember that, and by publishing this I hereby forgive myself for not posting anything technical for a while. That’s not where I’m at, and I am not the property of my readers.

Incidentally, I’ve been planning a post exploring the concept of “Computably Uncountable”. No promises though.

Perfection has always been a demotivator for me. I think it’s that way for a lot of people. Once I start holding myself to a standard, my expression is strangled shut. I have to let the shit through before I can see if there is caviar in it. No apologies for imagery. Poop.

Incidentally, if you are one of those people who appreciates this Luke-jumble, you can support my writing like this: Flattr this. There is also a donate button on that page if you are feeling especially charitable. I really do love writing, and the fuller my reserves the more time I can spend doing it (besides, it’s inspiring to see people enjoying my work).


4 thoughts on “Simple Truth

  1. Technical. Social. Philosophy. Impromptu music. Your blog is, like you, quite eclectic. But your average audience member will intersect your interests in only a few categories. I observe your blog only for your technical contributions. Personally, I would partition such a blog – at least into categories. But I do not begrudge your choice to do otherwise.

    Indexing by time is the worst organization, ever. You’d be much better off just presenting categories, tag clouds, and the search box, plus a decent roll of recent posts and random posts.

  2. I love the organic / spontaneous / stream-of-consciousness (dis)organization of your blog, so I hope you keep it up. I’d be sorry to see you become “more careful about your public face” (quoting probably-your-ex-boss), as if your life were about cultivating others’ approval.

    “We are all born originals — why is it so many of us die copies?” – Edward Young

    “If I try to be like him, who will be like me?” – Yiddish proverb

  3. > Once I start holding myself to a standard, my expression is strangled shut.

    It says a lot about the times that we live in that so-called “standards” are so anti-life. (I could rant on how this came about and who to blame, but I digress.)

    High standards, *sustainably* high standards free the individual within a free/frere society.

    Problem is that “society” (and I use the scare quotes deliberately) doesn’t think such standards as standards. We demand perfection predictably packaged as the product of an industrial process. That’s why rock stars, broadly defined, invariably crash and burn in such a toxic environment.

    It’s not for no reason that the ancients attribute genius and inspiration to a source outside themselves. Folks need to review the wisdom of that.

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