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Misty’s Ditsy (Improv Game)

One of my favorite games is Misty Vistas, but I have a complaint: “Whiskey Mixers” is the only line that people screw up, the others are too easy. So I have have improooved it.

Played with a ball or soft throwable object (like a stuffed animal cat named Misty)

Stand in a circle with one person holding Misty. To pass left, say “Mix her Whiskey!”. To pass right, say “Fix her Whiskers!”. To pass across, say “List her frisky quips!” (and point).

When it is your turn you can also exclaim “Misty’s Ditsy!”, and everybody lets out an exasperated “Aah!” and then it goes back to whoever is holding Misty.

If you make a mistake OR LAUGH, you have to do a lap around the circle. If you are holding Misty toss her up in the air to someone else.

You “win” by keeping Misty as long as possible.