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Jam from last wednesday

Last wednesday we did the improv game that Connor was talking about. Some interesting ambient music came out of it. In my opinion, #3 is more interesting than #2.

If you listen to #3 the whole way through, just for fun listen to the first 30 seconds of it again and notice how different it is. Then try to identify the point at which it changed :-).


Yesterday’s Jam with The Moment

Here are the recordings from yesterday. #1,#3, and #7 are improvisation, yay! I really enjoy #7, but as usual with this band, it’s a little too busy. I accidentally encoded #1 and #2 in 32Kbps, so you may notice some high frequencies missing.

Jam Again with The Moment

Here are the recordings from yesterday’s jam with The Moment. I haven’t arranged them in optimal listening order this time. It may be because I am getting used to the songs, but I didn’t enjoy the recordings as much as last time. In spite of that, I highly recommend you listen to #1 and #2 in sequence. I call #1 “Armageddon” (totally improvised), and #2 is sixteen tons.

Jam #2 with The Moment

Tonight, Nolan and The Moment and I jammed together again. We’ll be doing a mini-gig on Monday, which should be fun. I have arranged the songs not by the order we played them, but by what I feel to be optimal listening order. That is, you can queue up all of these in a media player and listen straight through. I think they’re good enough to do that (the mastering is not very good, but the music is).

#3, #4, and #7 are covers, the rest are originals. I finally got to try out #6, which was a jam template that I came up with. It didn’t work out that well, but it’s a really funky groove, so with a little work it could become pretty solid. #5 is a song still in progress written by the lot of us.

Jam with The Moment

I put an ad into craigslist saying that I was a keyboardist looking for a group to jam with. It was hardly a day before three people emailed me looking for a keyboardist. One of these people was Nolan McFadden and a group he calls “The Moment”. I recieved the email on Tuesday afternoon and went and jammed with them on Tuesday night. They are all extremely good musicians, and it took me about an hour to “get into it”. After that, though, it was one of the most fun times of my life. It was just non-stop music. We didn’t say “hey let’s do this song”, we just kinda found ourselves doing one song, and then by the end, we were doing another song. It was great music; I would pay a few bucks to see a concert. Alas, it was not recorded.

We had another jam today. The drummer and one of the lead guitars were missing, and the bassist did not have his bass. So it ended up being an acoustic jam. We did record this one. The recording quality was less than optimal: I was the only one powered, and also I was facing toward the mic while the other two had their backs to it. So what you’ll hear here is my piano playing backed up by some quiet percussion called acoustic guitars, and maybe you’ll get a quiet glimse of Nolan’s great voice and songwriting. It’s too bad, their guitar technique was awesome, and the recording hardly picked any of it up. We did two of Nolan’s originals, and we also started to write a song (no. 2). I do not know any of the names, so numbers will have to suffice.