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Don’t heal too fast

Heart, please — don’t heal too fast
Lest the pulse in my chest won’t last
How I feared this favor, now caressed
Were it here when I tenderness asked
— No need

Happy does not know your depths
I concede, I’ve tread water without rest
A smile forever will never fall
— in love —
I thought no sweetness here, I confess

I feel truer when thee bleed
When giving of love is what I need
For myself —
So clear submerged undersea
Pain cleanse, love breathe
This too shall pass, but I ask
Heart, please —

don’t heal too fast


Inner Prayers

The voice is a gift
and he gives it not to some but to all
to YOU all
the small and the large
the weak and the in charge
We all have that thing
we were born to say
you may not be able to access it today
but someday
let me hear you say someday
I will stand tall
I will take charge
Outward my inner prayer I will pray

I used to be ashamed of my voice
Couldn’t make the choice
to be heard
I had hurt
I had heart
but I couldn’t speak the words
Couldn’t sing the songs
that I knew all along
Every day a new invention
A hidden intention
Well this is my intervention
I make the choice to use my voice
I stand tall
I take charge
And outward this inner prayer I pray

I pray to come alive today
There ain’t no other way
My brothers can think what they may
Cause I know they also got something to say
Let my courage show you the way
And let yours be inspiration to another
This is the situation there’s no other
It is WE who light the world on fire
Who inspire the weak and the tired
To be strong and admired
To change ourselves from liars
mask wearers, fear bearers
Heart hiders, insiders
To fearless riders
carrying our word
be it simple or absurd
the truth is the word
OUR truth is the word
And today
I make the choice to use my voice
I stand tall
I take charge
And outward my inner prayers I pray

The Memory

On a day long ago was learned
a terrible lesson, my friend.
In the memory burned
Too swiftly to comprehend
And dry a great river turned.

What happened that echoing day?
To this little boy, full of passion
So much to give and to say
A life for beauty amassing…
Then for watching it fade away.

“I’m sorry,” he began to cry
Before giving his gift.
It became too much to try,
A burden too heavy to lift,
And he almost told it goodbye.

Someday, it is said, he will find
Holding the hand of a friend
The memory locked away in his mind
And the courage to give once again
With shame left far, far behind.


What would you have me do?

What would you have me do?
For your sake I’d hidden myself from you.
I knew inside so I built a wall,
Attached a mirror, so whatever you wished you would see as true.

Might you I ought to’ve cared for,
But I resolved not to pretend anymore.
A false heart I’d not caring call,
And when I did finally speak, it stopped feeling so awfully sore.

This sharpening pain I have made,
I hope is better than how I’ve betrayed.
All I really want is to bring down this wall.
I asked for love, truth asked of me, and I obeyed.